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Woodman Museum

182 Central Avenue
Dover, NH 03821


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Open Wednesday through Sunday,  April through Thanksgiving weekend

The Annie E. Woodman Museum is a traditional early 20th century natural history, local history and art museum that has been open since 1916. Our four historic buildings include:

  • An original 1675 colonial garrison which is furnished with period artifacts.
  • The Hale House was built in 1813 by the “captain of industry”, John Williams, who started the Dover Cotton Factory in 1812. In 1840 it became the home of famous abolitionist and U.S. Senator John Parker Hale.  It now houses the museum’s varied historical collections, art and period furniture, fire & police memorabilia, nautical instruments and model ships, a Cocheco Mill exhibit, antique powder horns, tools, toys and dolls, musical instruments, pewter and china.
  • The Woodman House, built in 1818, features a fine Civil War exhibit that includes a saddle used by President Lincoln, over 1800 minerals, birds, butterflies, turtles, Indian artifacts, a blue shark and a cougar killed in 1853.
  • The Keefe House, built in 1825, preserves historical documents and features special exhibits on loan.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy a picnic on the grounds. You should allow two hours for your visit.

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