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Pottle Meeting House Farm Museum

61 Winona Road
Meredith, NH 03253

(603) 279-1190

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Open mid-June to Sept 1 (Labor Day) on Wednesdays & Saturdays
Sept 6 to Oct 13 (Columbus Day) on Saturdays

The farm museum houses farm equipment gifted to us by the Society for the Preservation of New Hampshire Forests and the Society's own extensive collection of early tools and farming artifacts.

This building, at 61 Winona Road was constructed about 1802 for the use of the Freewill Baptist Church. It was built on the Old Province Road leading from Dover to Haverhill, laid out by the Provincial Government around 1760. The building was called the Oak Hill Meeting House or the Pottle Meeting House after one of its first preachers, Elder Simon Pottle. This section of Meredith was called Oak Hill because of the large oak trees lining the road at that time. A large oak grove behind the church was the setting for services during the summer. Baptisms were held in Lake Waukewan, even in winter when, according to records, the ice had to be cut for the ceremony. The building was turned over to the Baptist Convention in 1929. The Church disbanded in 1946. Pews were removed in 1947 and given to a church in Keene which was being restored after a fire.

The building was acquired by the Society from the Baptist Convention in 1950 and still houses the original organ and Bible used for services.

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