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Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum

18 Highlawn Road
Warner, NH 03278

(603) 456-2600

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Open daily May - October

One Circle, 1,000 Stories. Experience it!

Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum, Education and Cultural Center, connects people of today with 20,000 years of ongoing Native American cultural expression. The Museum embraces cultural diversity and encourages responsible environmental action based on respect for nature. Through exhibitions and programs, the Museum seeks to challenge and inspire all of us to improve the quality of our lives and our world.

All things in our world are part of one circle. The land, water, sky, animals, plants and people are all connected. Chief Sachem Silverstar of the Pequot nation taught this philosophy to out founder Bud Thompson over 80 years ago. Now we share it with you. Experience the Circle!

Enjoy family-friendly hands-on activities in our galleries, indoor and outdoor quests and Native American dwellings to explore. Discover a harmonious relationship with the Earth, central to Native American beliefs, as expressed through material culture. Examine contemporary arts, historical baskets, pottery, bead work, quill work, archaeological artifacts and much more from all across the United States. Reconnect with nature in the Medicine Woods, a tranquility zone to engage your mind while soothing your senses.

Enter the Northeastern Woodlands with its birch bark containers, moose hair embroidery and split ash baskets, into the Southeast with artifacts from the Seminole and Cherokee cultures. Around a corner, enter the Southwest with a fascinating discussion about corn, pueblo pottery, Navajo weaving and basketry from the western part of the country.

Next, step into the Plains Galleries.  This work, completed under the direction of Chris Bullock, Wampanoag, brings a full-scale furnished tipi into the galleries! Children and adults alike will marvel at this glimpse into Plains life with discussions of the American bison, beadwork and feather headdresses. The Northwest Coast is represented by artifacts such as harpoon heads, fur lined moccasins, model kayaks and more recent stone sculptures.

Finally, our Ceremonial Room focuses on the pipes, the musical instruments and the regalia that have been used in ceremonies of all kinds by Native Americans. Connect the Circle Tours also include a guided walk through of the Medicine Woods Nature Trail, where we have over 100 plants native to our area that have been used by Native peoples for tools, medicines, foods, dyes, transportation, shelter, and more.

MKIM is a natural resource for classroom teachers, home school parents, youth group leaders and enrichment coordinators. In addition to offering group tours of the museum the museum offers Educator Resource Kits, Outreach Programs and specifics on how MKIM aligns with the New Hampshire Department of Education’s State Curriculum Frameworks for Teaching Social Studies.

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