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june, 2014


Time Travel Kids’ Camp Registration Deadline - Wolfeboro(All Day: monday) 233 South Main Street, Wolfeboro NH 03894 (Opposite Huggins Hospital)Clark House Museum Complex, The


Event Details


Registration Deadline: June 30

“Time Travel with your 18 inch Doll” Kids’ Camp
July 14 and 15 9am-3pm (see below for description of event)

“Time Travel as a Colonial Apprentice” Kids' Camp
July 28 and 29 9am-3pm (see below for description of event)

“Trip Back in Time to the 1860s of Abe Lincoln!” Kids' Camp
August 4 and 5 9am-3pm (see below for description of event)

Ages: 6-12, limit of 12 children per session
Fee $20.00/day attended
Discount for multiple camps (2 camps $70, 3 camps $100).
For questions and registration call: (603) 569-5709
Please bring a lunch with you on each day! Museum will be closed to other visitors.

“Time Travel with your 18 inch Doll” Kids’ Camp
This interactive children’s camp was well-received last year! Bring your favorite doll or a stuffed friend to the Clark House Museum and “travel back in time" with us for either a one or two full day active-learning experience about Colonial times! Take part in the activities of these times by dressing both you and your doll in period costumes, cooking colonial foods, creating your own journal complete with quill pen, teaching a lesson in our one-room schoolhouse, hearing stories about this time period, learning to set and sharing a proper teatime, sewing some clothes for your doll, making various period crafts to take home, playing with period toys, learning how to plant and use herbs, and learning to shop with Colonial money!

“Time Travel as a Colonial Apprentice” Kids' Camp
This is a completely new camp to let children experience hands-on crafts and trades of both men and women of the 1800s, or what is often called Victorian times. Children will dress in period costume, sign an agreement of Apprenticeship with a quill pen, and choose a trade of their choice to represent for the two days. Through literature, real artisan presentations, and direct participation in a craft, they will soon begin to feel like a real apprentice! Over the two days, children will take part in many of the following activities: quilting, watching a spinner of flax or wool, making candles, cooking over an open fire, working with wood, making a colonial trade sign, working with wool, watching flax spinning, working in the flower and herb garden, watching and learning about basket weaving, using a printer’s box and marbling some paper for a journal, identifying old tools, using a shave horse, lending a hand in blacksmithing as they watch a blacksmith work. Children will also learn about selling their wares as they create a market and use reproductions of colonial money as they experience shopping and selling.

 “Trip Back in Time to the 1860s of Abe Lincoln!” Kids' Camp
Campers will experience many aspects of Victorian times in 1860s Wolfeboro. On the first day of this interactive camp, children will be introduced to the historical happenings and everyday life of a Wolfeboro resident when Lincoln was President, a Civil War was happening, and Victoria was Queen of England. Through literature, games, crafts, re-enactors and hands-on learning, children will be engaged in such activities as: learning about Victorian fashions and traditions, using old antique tools to complete tasks of the time, playing period games, learning to serve tea, writing poetry, completing period crafts, listening to views of both Southern and Northern re-enactors, learning period songs, attending a Victorian school, and doing some jobs that would have been completed in factories in our town. On the second day of camp, students will pitch their own soldier tents as they spend the day doing activities that soldiers may have experienced during the Civil War. A re-enactor will be present to help them cook and do other appropriate activities of the times.


All Day (Monday)


Clark House Museum Complex, The

233 South Main Street, Wolfeboro NH 03894 (Opposite Huggins Hospital)